Get on the Google Map!

For many years Google has used different many different approaches to acquire business information. Way back in the beginning they simply bought business lists from different list sources. Once upon a time, if you wanted your business information to appear in Google you'd have to pay to have your business information updated in one of those list company databases.

The purchase of these outside lists is probably how your information got into Google Maps in the first place, but thankfully Google is moving away from this practice, and needs your help to do so.

In 2015 Google realized that only 37% of the business listings they imported into their system were claimed by the business owners, and they've invited a few of their partners to help spread the word of the importance of claiming your business and updating your information.

Sapphire Collaborative was selected to participate.

We've put together a special webinar for jewelers to explain the importance of updating your business information and show you how to do it.

Register for the webinar
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